PRontheGO: PR & growth experts in SaaS share their best use cases

Jun 7 · 3 min read
PRontheGO: PR & growth experts in SaaS share their best use cases

We asked PR and growth experts in SaaS to provide their best tips and use cases for our SaaS startup readers. What are your best tips on generating publicity in SaaS? What are great examples of marketing tactics? Which (new) platforms are out there to promote SaaS? Here are their answers:

Kathryn Kosmides is the founder of DNHTNS consulting. They work exclusively with B2B SaaS companies on demand generation, content marketing, and PR. They’ve landed their clients in top publications including Forbes, Marketing Insider Group, Business of Apps, and dozens of other publications;

“When it comes to SaaS PR, traditional isn’t going to work. In fact, I’d suggest most companies fire their PR firm — because it’s likely they’re running old school playbooks that just won’t work.

Instead, SaaS companies should look at landing in publications their potential users are reading. For B2B, this could mean authoring blog posts on other reputable blogs like G2Crowd… You can also look at publishing on reputable industry outlets like Saleshacker or MarketingProfs if you’re going after sales/marketers.

The other big recommendation I suggest is to create a pillar piece of content that outlets will want to link to. For example, Intricatley recently published their 2019 Cloud Market Share Report and it is being cited by many sources because it adds value.

No one wants to hear about that award you won or that you just hired someone new. SaaS PR should be focused on getting your brand in front of the right audiences through strategic placements.”

Jo Barr, Communications Manager at Jolly Good Communications C.I.C, UK;

“With Saas being such a competitive and growing sector it is important to build both the profile of the company and also of the CEO to establish them as a thought leader whose, wisdom and skills mean they are great innovators whose insight goes beyond just being a key player in the sector.

It also also helps if you represent companies such as Sideways Six and WM Reply where the culture is very positive, and they value clients and staff.”

Sara Davis is the VP of Growth at CanIRank — a SEO consultancy providing top-notch SEO technology. For SaaS startups, they provide the following case study with the SaaS company Fieldwire;

“Scaling your growth while maintaining product focus is a goal every SaaS agency strives for. Fieldwire managed to do that utilizing CanIRank, and added an 854% increase in organic traffic in less than 6 months. You can read the full case study here.”

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