PRontheGO: Public Relations — Talk about why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Jan 16, 2019 · 4 min read
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PRontheGO: Why are you doing what you’re doing?

We asked top PR and marketing experts to explain the importance of ‘origin stories’ to our readership of creative founders, small biz owners and emerging startups. Why should founders pitch their background stories and the reasons to start their venture? How does this play into generating publicity? Find their answers here:

Start-ups and entrepreneurs often believe that PR is reserved for big brands, those with giant budgets or those with a celebrity following.

The power of owning and succinctly telling your own unique story, especially in today’s social media age, in a way that motivates, inspires and adds value is critical for generating PR in a way that resonates with everyone who hears it.

A few questions to ask yourself is:

• What problems did I face that my customers can relate to that I have overcome?

• Why is that relevant for my customer?

• How can my story illustrate a point that helps them?

Even though you are telling your story, you have to keep in mind what’s in it for your customer. No one wants to hear a self-centered story but when you can master story telling as a means to illustrate value, that is when your origin story will resonate with your ideal customer.

Adding value in this way attracts not only your customers but the media as well. — Kristen Hinman, Founder of Peare Media

With so much noise in today’s business landscape, the public is drawn to your “why” — those reasons behind why you decided to start your business. This anecdotal detail typically helps to differentiate your brand from others to emerge from the clutter. Sharing background information aspart of your PR campaign helps add depth to your brand story. It elicits an emotional, human response from the audience to your brand or product. This helps build an automatic connection, resulting in interest and relevance –which is publicity gold for landing coverage. — Stephanie Riel, RielDeal Marketing

Origin stories are an important ingredient in creating an emotional connection to your brand. If you have an interesting backstory, you are giving journalists and readers a reason to root for you. Pitching this story fuels brand loyalty, but it also provides a hook for journalists, answering the questions “why does it matter?” and “why should we care?” — your origin story allows them to walk your path with you, feeling your passion and your devotion in the founding of your business. — Céline de Courson, Moss Networks

A great origin story is a holy grail of becoming relatable to your target audience. Nailing this story allows it to be told, retold and recognized by customers, prospects, investors, partners, and employees. People relate to experiences and stories, and many times they are buying into the emotion that the origin story evokes. That story gives the media something deeper to cover; the media (and consumers) aren’t going to care as much about the widget you built, but they will jump on the passion, hurdles, and celebrations behind the creation of the widget. — Melissa DiGianfilippo, President of PR at Serendipit Consulting

People relate to stories and the people in them who have gone through similar or inspiring journeys. Business is personal and people want to work with and do business with people they admire, can relate to and share similar values. Products and services are common commodities. What’s remarkable is why someone does something and why they do it the way they do. It’s the passion, purpose and person that people buy. Simon Sinek wrote about it in Start With Why. Finally, stories that resonate are easy to share and word of mouth is best form of advertising. — Tami Belt, Blue Cube Marketing Solutions

Your origin story is the key to moving your brand from the ad space on social media to the friend space. People WILL read your story. They can’t ignore it. Their story-loving brains won’t let them. Failure, mistakes, regrets — everyone can relate to these. And even better, they SHARE story at a rate that will never happen with ads.

If you want to really, really accomplish the goal of connecting with your target audience and making them feel like they get you, you have to be willing to get really vulnerable with your story. — Hope Brookins, Personal Brand Strategist

Thank you!

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