PRontheGO: Public Relations — The importance of mentions

Public Relations — The importance of mentions

We asked top PR and marketing experts to explain the importance of mentions to our readership of creative founders, small biz owners and emerging startups. Why should founders be willing to answer journalists’ queries related to their industry, even if it is not about their venture or product? How does this play into generating an expert status, and why is this important? Here’s what they advice:

Standalone features are some of the most powerful media placements but make no mistake: any mention that links back to your website or social channels is gold when trying to reach your target audience. A mention increases your visibility through SEO, strengthens your credibility as you display that you know your stuff, attracts the attention of your potential audience who maybe more likely to read articles on trends in the industry rather than a feature, and creates a strong digital presence that positions you as a sought-after leader with opinions on what is happening in your industry. — Kaity Roberts Bandura, Kaity Roberts Public Relations
Success for any business boils down to the amount of trust built between the company and its customers. That’s where media coverage and mentions can help; mentions equate to trust. Offering industry insights to support a reporter’s story not only positions a business leader as an expert in that industry, but also as a trailblazer with invaluable expertise. Why else would a journalist employ their help? — Keller Perry, Public Relations Account Manager with The James Agency
It’s important for founders to answer journalists’ queries because this spreads brand recognition on an authentic level. Being an authority in the industry and getting your name out there as an expert provides readers with a sense of who you are and what your brand stands behind without a press release or product to push. — Kristyn Pilgrim, Media Relations Supervisor, Fractl

“Any founder unwilling to speak with journalists about their industry in a non-promotional way needs an ego check.”

Any founder unwilling to speak with journalists about their industry in a non-promotional way needs an ego check. Choosing to answer journalist’s queries holistically positions the founder as the go-to expert in an often crowded space. — Tiffany Kenyon, Front Lines Media
Expert quotes and mentions on authority websites have a strong PR component. There is huge value in being perceived as a thought leader. Google favors websites bolstered with relevant, high-quality backlinks from reputable sources such as authoritative journals and websites. Google even recognizes mentions without backlinks. So, submitting informative comments to reputable journalists on issues related to your expertise can improve search results, traffic, and prospective business to your company website. Even a quote or mention can be a win if what you pitch appears in trustworthy articles on authoritative and relevant websites. — Dan Goldstein, Owner of Page 1 Solutions
When journalists see that you are sharing your expertise and can speak on issues relating to your field this opens up media opportunities and can lead to bigger mentions or more frequent mentions. Having the ability to be counted on as an expert source elevates you beyond being just another entrepreneur. — Fabiana Meléndez, Publicist at Zilker Media
Aside from reaching the audience of a given article at its time of publication, by having a mention you start to build your identity on Google. When people search for you, they’ll see the outlet you were quoted in and what your given thoughts were on a topic. This will help you build credibility as long as the outlet and topic are authentic to you. — Stephen Karaolis, Founder of SKPRNY
Media mentions are critical to any successful public relations campaign yet often business leaders and business founders overlook them since they are not directly about their company or product. Yet what they overlook is that by being in a media mention about an industry trend, establishes themselves and company as industry leaders since the media mention is seen by readers or viewers as a third party endorsement. Next it establishes a relationship with reporters for the business owner and their business that might be parlayed into stories about the business specifically later. Often there are ways to tie your business or product into the story itself as a solution that might be mentioned. It helps develop brand reputation. It can be used in marketing material with the notation of ‘as seen in’. It can be used in social media and the links in the articles can be used in SEO campaigns. — David Johnson, Strategic Vision PR Group
As a business owner, you need to know about the industry and also about things directly or indirectly related to your niche. Today’s consumers hog over information before making decisions. Thus, if you know your subject and you’re aware of the surroundings then you’re most likely to become the “source” or an influencer. It portrays you as an entrepreneur who is informed and astute. This makes you an expert, and journalists begin to quote you. When you get a mention on a credible website or in a well-known newspaper, it positions you as an authority and consequently elevates your brand image. — Aamina Suleman, Senior Digital Marketing Executive at

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