Hell’s Kitchen Family Gets An Education

Gifted and Talented Testing, Private Schools, Charter Schools? How I Let It All Go And Found The Place My Daughter Could Feel Special

Finding a place for your child to go to kindergarten is potentially one of the more awful things a New York City parent can experience. My daughter has a very late birthday, she’s very small and had a mild delay, so I gave her an extra year of preschool. I even fought a pendency case against the Department of Education to continue her services during that extra year of preschool. When it came time to find a kindergarten for her, I was concerned that I would be able to put her in kindergarten when she was technically old enough for 1st grade. I toured many schools. PS 51 which is my zoned school was one of them. It was important to me to reach out to any school that I was interested in to see if it was a possibility to enroll her in kindergarten instead of 1st grade. I didn’t feel comfortable fighting the DOE to enroll my daughter outside of her zone unless that was a possibility. So I reached out to all these schools and Nancy Sing-Bock at PS 51 was the only principal who responded to me. Ironically, with all the charter school and private school options out there, my zoned school was the ONLY one that responded. That meant everything. I got the feeling that PS 51 cared about my daughter, that they wanted her at their school, and that she would be thought of as special and valuable there. I’m so grateful that this school exists in my zone. Last year my daughter stood up in front of tons of students and parents at the Talent Show and sang “Let it Go” and the applause and support was deafening. I knew I had found the right school. Interestingly, it was her zoned school. Easiest thing in the world. I wouldn’t send her anywhere else.

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