I’m starting a movement. . .

Or are you?

This article is my first step into the marketplace of ideas.

Why am I raising funds?

Several objectives!

This is an overview of #1:

To start a Meetup organization — an Android forum app that sends notifications of meetups to whomever signs up.

The meetups will be held in the public — at Liberty Park, in downtown Salt Lake City.

Most likely after rush hour- 2 or 3 times a week.

If I am able to demonstrate a successful approach to civic engagement — I will be laying the groundwork for a 50-state strategy.

Who is the organization for?

We, the people.

More accurately, Anti-Imperial Independents (like myself).

But really, ANY political persuasion (other than blatant fascism — which conceals more than it reveals).

Democrats, Republicans, & Greens alike, NEED to configure meaning and mission to our Democratic Republic (‘. . .the last best hope on Earth’).


The following content may get you “woke” STAT — it’s all a matter of fact and pragmatics (a few opinions) — not fiction or conspiracy.
If you would prefer not to become subject to (what I believe to be) an objective reality (all immersed in emergence) — then abstain from reading further!

However, I would still appreciate your consideration

(yes, even a consideration) for a donation:

I am still waiting for approval on my Articles of Incorporation in order to file for 501-©3 status — but I must be proactive!

I’ve been somewhat reserved, self-reliant (no accepted state welfare), hard-working, yet self-sacrificial for a great deal of time now (I need to be in order to reach genuine conclusions). . . but I can’t live like that any longer.

I need to lead by example & dialectic!

The direction we’re headed is nowhere good — fast.

Initial Focuses:

1. Repeal the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act (the fastest yet most expansive legislation passed in U.S. congressional history) — which has implemented a super-surveillance state with very little or no backing as a functional method for stopping terrorism. In fact, many taxpayer funded cyber tools created for government surveillance are leaked into the black market.

1A. My opinion: The overgrown surveillance apparatus is for criminal means — like stealing new concepts (good ideas) from average Joe - who would spend years developing them… Think about it critically — do you hear many Constitutional Conservatives bemoaning the neglect of the Constitution they claim to be conserving? Even if those characters exist — its delusional to believe that we have a free press through which their voices were expressed.

2. Reduction of 800 military bases to (at minimum) 400.

2A. A 2013 Senate Committee on Armed Services report put the cost of supporting the U.S. military presence abroad at more than $10 billion a year, 70 percent — or nearly $7 billion — of which, the report said, was spent in Germany, the Republic of Korea and Japan

3. (Non-combative) Conscription employment/deployment (Civilian/Military Co-ops) program to rebuild global economy & maintain the U.S. dollar via cryptography (SMART contracts). Millennials and men of duty & honor need gratifying and rewarding work (NOW MORE THAN EVER!). We need integrity.

3A. Read my ɮ page whitepaper: This Generation’s Chance for Peace

4. Advocating for public recompense from G.S.A. & D.H.L.S. for millions & billions in [projected?] WASTE IN DEFICIT SPENDING & negligent oversight of private contractors.


4A1. By intuition, I had some prescience into the GSA mismanagement of tech funds — expressed in a video (below) I made 6 months prior to the whistleblowing…
Created by Aaron Parker, Jan. 2017


5. Internally (publicly) financed U.S. infrastructure program.

5A. Refusal of impractical and interest-regressive “public-private partnerships”.
5B. Refutation of opportunity for a Foreign Saudi-financed ‘loan for US domestic purpose.’ as proposed by Trump.

***Obama released the (over decade-long withheld) ’28 pages’ from the 9/11 commission — revealing that Saudi Arabia was complicit in the plotting of the twin tower attacks. . . Hypocritically, American’s are currently allocated for refueling Saudi warplanes committing mass civilian massacre in Yemen — some of the most impoverished people in existence — creating famine and a cholera outbreak.
What is ironic about this article from the UK: Prime Minister Theresa May refused to end weapons contracts with Saudi Arabia — simply for her congruence of power. The Saudi’s don’t manufacture the weapons — US & UK do.

6. A depoliticized (objective) dialogue around homelessness/ utilitarian housing as a basic human right; substance abuse (the Afghanistan connection to the current crisis); a declining academia & literacy rate; criminality & its social contingencies; & the malfeasance of incumbents.

6A. Objective №3 would not be possible, (in fact — hypocritical) without first detailing a sober, sane & civil populace which could physically carry out the labor entailed.
6B. I claim:
If the convolution of the opiate crisis, big pharma’s policy prescriptions;
U.S. Congress (legislation & lobbying): & the war in Afghanistan,
revolve around central character roles or agencies — it was conspired for profit
on the conditions similar to that of the 19th century Opium wars in China.

Read a research paper I wrote in 2014 on:

‘American Involvement in the Taiping Rebellion’ :

7. Emergent Order Integration & Organization (established code of trade conduct for Human Rights)

EOIO — Humanitarian Equity — is an integrated part of Objective №3.

7A. There are currently 65 million economic migrants and refugees displaced — I presume, mostly by default of a regressive U.S. & NATO foreign policy.

8. Creation, Consolidation, and Affirmation of SQL Database\IoT log of ‘IGN’s (Interest Group Networks) and ‘ARC’s (Academic Reference Campaigns) for the purpose of Institutional Reform Evaluations.

8A. My [secure] domain:
where I outline some basics to [I.R.E.]— it is a work in progress. . . I’ve built physical structures for most of my adult life — but these are virtual and metaphysical structures.
FYI: I only have a GED as formal education… I hope you understand.

9. Independent research into principle associations of the Congressional-Military Industrial Complex; its multitude of corporate subsidies;

& exactly how representatives profit

[to what degree of negation & extent of neglect].

9A. I have already achieved over 100 hours of free (for you, though it cost me) independent research into this topic — You can brush up on it with this Youtube playlist:

MIC — Over an Hour of Our Ouroboros.

9B. I have also compiled over 1,000 hours of self-directed (moral) & multi-disciplinary (contextual) research over the last 18 months ranging from the history of Western Civilization up through the development of Critical Theory (Pre-Post-Modernism);
Ex: A Natural History of Religion by David Hume; the Metaphysics of Morality by Immanuel Kant;Age of Reason by Thomas Paine; through the Dialectic of Enlightenment by Horkheimer and Adorno;
You can read a sample of full texts (attributed research) here:
9C. You don’t necessarily need to agree with me; care about; or even relate to what I am talking about at — the critical thing I need is your trust!

Below is an evidence link (to a video player) in which I outline some questions for public campaigns I have been developing & contemplating about. . . for a while now. . .

You can review them here:

10. State, Market, Community & Personal meaning (context) behind the U.S. Empire collapse, old guard regressions, and Neo-White-House repression.

Open to suggestions on the name,critiques/debate on initiatives & dialectic of objectiveness/subjectivity to each topic/issue.

As I have enumerated this list — if you would like to debate or discuss any item, please correlate it to a response. Thanks in advance!
I really have no clue what happens after this — but I’m on a mission of peace.

P.S. This is not (simply) a #Resistance rally…

most are getting redundant and lack substantive direction, anyway.

If you understand HOW & WHY AMERICA (A Democratic Republic!) IS THE HEIR TO LEGAL REALISM — you must be extremely worried about our negligible compliance to international law and diplomacy.

If the United States of America CANNOT pull [back] together it’s military and fiscal house — we are at risk of losing that inheritance to legal realism [perhaps to something as obscure, private, and violent as the extra-judicial invasion of Iraq]; but without the liberty to speak one’s mind freely…
Sound like a conspiracy fiction?
Welcome to our subjugate reality
- the swamp that created Trumpism (Retrospective Cæsarism).


Social Proof:

Check out my page Progress Holistic — it’s also work in progress still (as I do not get on FB often & I’m always working)
Also follow me on Twitter @ Worship_Warship
I’m also on Steemit @Panopticalvia


So if you are interested in helping me help you — collect a total sum with family and friends to donate once & save us all!
I am appositely aware of the false narrative of current economic growth — if the Obama Administration’s Justice Department refused to prosecute Wall-Street Frauds — that means frauds are still practicing their flawed derivation logic and somehow getting richer . . .
but with O.P.M.!
I presume, with GovernmentSachs repealing the Dodd-Frank Act, the average person’s savings account conversely becomes poker chips for malpractice.

$ee any typos or want to contact me directly?


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