Giving Up

It happens everywhere and to everyone. In friendships. In relationships. In families. In sports. In the gym. In business. It can’t be avoided, because everything you do, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you put yourself into it. Some more than others. Some can’t even conceive of the concept of giving up at their place of work, most likely because they never reached for enough to come to a place where they felt they had to give up.

To give up is to relent in your passions after being confronted with seemingly insurmountable odds and more powerful forces of nature (or personalities). You don’t, however, give up because there is something in the way of you reaching that goal. That’s quitting. Giving up occurs when you’ve reached a point where you’ve convinced yourself that whatever you were reaching for will never, ever happen.

If you care enough about something to find yourself giving up on it, it can destroy you and leave you disillusioned, leaving you floating without direction. It can leave you with an empty pit in your chest that will make you feel like everything you did to get there wasn’t worth it… but it was.

Every effort you put forward to drive yourself or your company forward was an experience to be learned from. Every heart wrenching moment, every pressured decision, and every spark of enlightenment was a part of your journey to get to this place. This you. Whether or not your passions or ideas saw the light of day, if you focus on that feeling in your stomach and truly decide that you will not give up, you’ll find that you’ve evolved yourself. Not only that, but if you look around at those around you, you’ll find that there are people right next to you, eager to follow you wherever you go... Because that’s what passion does. It attracts people, and those two things alone can change everything.

This wasn’t a cry for help, or an admonishment of those in my life, from my family to my work family.

It was a promise that I won’t give up, because everything I do has the potential to be revolutionary, if only to me and mine. Keep pushing. Learn more. Do more. Evolve.

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