Increasing Participation of Female Players in Poker Games

It is true that participation of female players is way too less as compared to male players in poker. But despite its being a male-dominated game, many courageous women successfully managed to break the gender and cultural barrier and showcased world-class performances on national and international poker platforms. Nowadays we are witnessing a significant growth in the presence of female players in online and offline poker tournaments and cash games. Many renowned female poker players are earning fame and big money by participating in online cash games and tournaments. Not only online games, women players are conquering offline tournaments too with their extraordinary skills and determination.

Poker is a not a taboo in India anymore but it is still perceived as a “manly” sport. Many people still believe that women players are intellectually inferior to male players and could never be as good than them. However, slowly but noticeably, things are beginning to change. Muskan Sethi, who is the first India professional female player, has been honored by President of India for her achievements in the field of poker. Players like Nikita Luther, Maria Kirloskar, Minissha Lamba, Anju Abrol, Shuchi Chamaria Agarwal, etc, are surprising everyone with their spectacular performances on poker tables and making an impression worldwide by competing against industry’s top players. Women players are getting signed as Poker pros and brand ambassadors of online poker websites. The accomplishment of these Poker players is changing the mindset of Indian conservative families and aspiring poker enthusiasts to follow their dream of gaining freedom and living their lives on their own terms.

Due to the emergence of online gaming websites in the country, Indian women are now showing great enthusiasm in learning and mastering poker. In India, most gaming websites are now realizing the fact that it is crucial to increase the presence of female players on poker tables for the growth of the game. In order to attract maximum women players to their website, many websites have started organizing women-only cash games and tournaments.

It is important to promote gender equality in the poker industry. Not only poker, women have begun to participate in pretty much every sport which was once male-dominated such as soccer, hockey, volleyball, etc. Their success offered a great example that nothing is possible for Indian women and if they get support and encouragement from family and society, they can go on to write history.

Although there is still a long way to go, the outlook for Indian female players in poker is looking much better than ever. We hope that the success of these awesome players would encourage more female players to believe in their potential and join the poker gaming community to pursue their career in this field.

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