Fifty Cups Of Coffee

I have a list on my desk that has 50 names on it. It always has 50 names.

When I get a coffee meeting with someone, I cross them off my list (they go on a different list then) and then I add someone else to the list, it’s always at 50.

I started doing this about five years ago, and it has made a world of difference in my business. All I want is to have coffee and make a connection with the people on this list. I am not trying to sell them anything, I am only attempting to make a connection and learn about them and their business. The bi-product of this is simple, I have generated more business.

Why coffee and not lunch? You can knock out 5 or 6 coffee meetings in a day, and only one lunch. Coffee is $5.00 a cup, lunch is $50 or $60.

It also gives the person you are desiring to meet with a shorter window of time in which to interact — lunch is almost always scheduled for over an hour.

I generally start with a PSO360 email introduction (visit and buy the product. It’s $20.00 a month and will change the way you do business). It’s a simple invite:


My name is Cory Howerton, and I own a company called Professional Sports Operatives, we coach sales teams from the professional sports industry around the country on how to increase revenue through innovative ticketing solutions.

How does that apply to this email or a meeting with you? It probably doesn’t. You see, I have had you on my “Fifty Cups Of Coffee” list for a few days, and wanted to see if you had a half hour next week that I could buy you a cup of coffee at a Starbucks. I’m only trying to make a connection here, and give away a cup of coffee — there will be no sales pitch from me.

Let me know what works best for you.

For those of you selling tickets, your discussion may naturally go to your team and how they can use your tickets to drive business. This may turn into a sales opportunity or a referral.

Who is on your list? Sit down after your sales hours today and create this list — put it in a place that you can see it all the time and chip away at it every day. You will expand your data base quickly, and you will generate new business — people want to do business with people they know and trust.