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Can an online search engine that promises to respect users privacy really stand behind what they’re selling? Seems that way!

DuckDuckGo (DDG) is a search engine that has generated much media attention as it has positioned itself as the search engine that respects your privacy. While DDG has been the cause of a lot of excitement it has also drawn the eye of many who are apprehensive of the companies claims. While there are arguments on both sides of the spectrum, here are five reasons we believe you can trust DuckDuckGo.

1. Zero retention for personal information

DuckDuckGo does not log or store any of your personal information like many other search engines do. In fact, DDG goes further than this by redirecting your request to enter a website in such a way that the website does not receive the search terms you entered to get to the page. In doing this, you can feel secure knowing that DDG isn’t exploiting your personal information, building invasive profiles for profit, or sharing information with other sites.

2. It’s in the Policy

Take the opportunity to read through DuckDuckGo’s Privacy Policy. In it, DDG outlines the different areas it covers as well as why you should care about these aspects of privacy. A company’s privacy policy is imperative as suits can be filed by the FTC for companies that fail to adhere to them.

3. !Bangs

Still weary about searching with DDG? Take advantage of !Bangs. !Bangs are modifiers that allow you to search websites directly bypassing DDG’s search page. For example, typing “!yt cats” into your DDG search bar will take you directly to YouTube where you can enjoy all the cat videos YouTube has to offer.

4. Ads, the old fashioned way

It’s important to know how, without collecting your personal information, DDG can serve its users ads. The answer I found, is in an article posted by Technology Personalized on why you should switch from Google to DDG. The article explains that rather than providing users with ads based on their personal information, DDG provides ads based on search keywords. They refer to this method as “The good old fashioned way”.

5. Getting to know the Founder

The final and most important reason to trust DDG is Gabriel Weinberg. The Founder and CEO of DDG writes a blog where you can go and get to know more about him, his thoughts, and opinions. Most recently, Weinberg wrote an article, Privacy is at a crossroads. Choose wisely. Reading Weinberg’s opinions on internet privacy makes it easy to see that DDG was not created as a farce but rather, a search engine designed to respect your privacy.

Originally published at www.privacysnapper.com on July 9, 2015.

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