Anxiety in a Relationship

Written by: Melissa Maddux

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Anxiety can hit us all when we least expect it, but it becomes a huge problem when it affects the development of our relationships. Sometimes there is no way to stop anxiety from happening, but we can usually see the warning signs through others and ourselves. What are some of the signs of anxiety in a relationship? What are some ways to fix anxiety in a relationship?

According to Lisa Firestone of, insecurity “can be toxic to our closest relationships…studies have found that people with low self-esteem have more relationship insecurity, which can prevent them from experiencing the benefits of a loving connection.” In a relationship, when a person has low self-esteem they not “only want their partner to see them in a better light than they see themselves, but in moments of self-doubt, they have trouble even recognizing their partner’s affirmations,” said Lisa Firestone.

Kristine Tye of mentions that anxiety can damage a relationship in the following ways:

1) It breaks down trust and connection

2) Crushes your true voice, creating panic or procrastination

3) Causes you to behave selfishly

4) It’s the opposite of acceptance

5) It robs you of joy

If you are dealing with anxiety in your current relationship, here are some tips to help:

1) Anxiety causes fear and worry and you start to focus on when the relationship is going to end, rather than enjoying your time together.

2) Overreacting to situations, leads to self-sabotage of your relationship.

3) If you are meant to be together things will work out, whether they are good or bad.

4) See a relationship counselor, if you are unable to resolve the anxiety in your relationship.

How has anxiety affected your relationships? Share with us in the comments below!

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