Does Europeana has a human face?

Do you know ‘Europeana Collections’, a web portal giving access to quite a few million artworks, artifacts, books, videos and audios, contributed by almost 4,000 mostly European cultural heritage institutions and an unknown amount of ‘users’? The ‘Europeana Network Association Annual General Meeting 2016’ will take place in Riga in Latvia on November 8+9 — some days after MCN 2016 in New Orleans, that will focus on ‘the human-centered museum’. Is Europeana ‘human-centered’ too?

View from the Tower of St. Peter’s Church to the Latvian National Library, Riga, Latvia. The National Llibrary, designed by Gunnar Birkerts (in Latvian: Gunārs Birkerts) is venue of the Europeana Annual General Meeting 2016. Source: Wikimedia Commons, picture by Zairon, CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m running as a candidate for the Europeana Members Council. I love Europeana and therefore I published today a post explaining why. It’s my third article on this institution, appearing in the great ‘Culture — Museum — Talk’ blog by German art historian Tanja Praske. But: it’s my first post being published also in (bad?) English. I hope you will enjoy: ‘Does Europeana has a human face?

#EuropeanaElects #MCN2016

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