6 Questions to ask when choosing a Load Cell

There are many things to consider when choosing the right Load Cell for your application. These are our top 6 questions to ask yourself (or us).

  1. What type/style of Load Cell do you require?

There are various types of Load Cells on the market designed for different purposes. Figuring out if you need the Load Cell to work in Tension or Compression (or both) is a helpful first step as it rules out many types. Depending on what you’re weighing defines exactly what you need. Single Point Load Cells are most often used in installations individually however multiple Weighbridge Load Cells are usually used in truck scales.

PT4000 S-Type Load Cell

2. What capacity do you need?

What are you weighing? Will the weight potentially go up or always be the same? Think about the wriggle room you may need.

HPC Weighbridge Load Cell

3. How accurate must your measurements be?

As a general rule, the lower the capacity the higher increments you will have & the higher the capacity the less increments you will have. The higher the increments required, the higher the cost.

LPCH Universal Load Cell

4. Where will your Load Cell/installation be?

If it will be outside or in harsh conditions and/or a high wash down area; a higher IP rating will be required. IP ratings are the level of protection the Load Cell has. Read more about what IP ratings are.

PT2000 Single Point Load Cell

5. Does it need to be legal for trade?

Trade Approvals are available should you require it.

LPX Compression Disk Load Cell

6. Does the Load Cell/Installation meet my needs?

The most important question you should ask. If you’re having trouble understanding if the weigh system will meet your needs, contact us. We’re full of free technical information and can help you choose the right weighing equipment to meet your needs.

LS Low Profile Shearbeam
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