Response to “The Testosterone Abyss”
Olivia Thoelke

I really enjoyed reading your response to Weird Dude Energy and it’s clear you brought in several other sources to help back up what you were saying. I also agree that your response is definitely not “shaming” or anything similar, you commented on it all in a very similar manner to the podcast and in a way that is honestly too nice for some men on the internet. From a guy’s perspective, I still see the points you’re making and think that they are all valid and necessary. The “weirdness” of dudes isn’t an issue alone, as you mentioned, it’s when it becomes this darker place where these men get lost down a rabbit hole where they think everything goes based on privilege. We are at an interesting point in our culture where it seems like we need to go further from just commenting on the testosterone abyss and instead radicalize our teaching of younger males so that as they grow they can understand acceptable behavior while at the same time being capable of demonstrating their weirdness.

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