All the Best Is Yet to Come

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2017 passed by so quickly, we haven’t even managed to make our gratitude wall yet.*

(*Short explanation: every year together with my partner we make a gratitude wall in some sort of way — we get some surface on which we place our Polaroid photos from travels to refresh our nice memories and anchor the “happy place” feeling for the next up-coming challenges.)

But yet, here we are. We spent the NY eve at home with our freshly adopted cat to see how he’d respond to the fireworks, firecrackers, and other noisy equipment of our reckless co-citizens. He responded well — we responded old.

After having 3 courses of a 4-course meal (saving dessert for the midnight) and a bottle of Montmeyrac we watched Paddington on Popcorn and my man in a safe embrace of the warmth and peacefulness (except the explosive sounds of much much fun NY equipment coming from the outside— thank god for the new windows) after first 15 minutes. And I had let him nap almost until the end of the movie.

For the midnight, we turned on one of our public radio stations with the best musical and other content. A minute before midnight we went to the balcony to open a little bottle of Prosecco (that we got in a clothing store because they forgot to take the theft-prevention magnets off the purchased item and caused us a little trouble).

The digital clock app on the smartphone turned 00:00. We cheered, wished each other a great one, thanked the universe for having this one that had already passed and watched the fireworks for 10 mins. After going back in we had the desert, played with the cat a bit to listen to the Coldplay concert the radio station was playing and went to bed. Today, I’ve had an alarm set at 7:30 a.m. (instead of usual 6:15 one).

This was our New Year party.

And we loved it.

Are we old?

I prefer to think that we are so excited about the upcoming projects that we just wanted to go back to work and enjoy our free time in peace to gain some more energy.

And we did so.

It’s 1st of January, a public holiday, and we decided to work a bit. Because we had to much free time last week and cannot wait to get back on track.

So, dear 2018, just bring it on — we are ready and we know very well that the best is yet to come!