I Came Along

It was a very weird saturday. I was tired of trying to survive on my own and starved out. It was cold and I felt snow coming soon.

So I said “Fuck it!” to myself and went to the house. It was one of many — but others already had cats. Honestly, I’ve never wanted much company — except human, some of them were nice. Yet only some, so it wasn’t an easy decision. I swear this family looked quite weird. Not in “eatingcatsweird” way. They were just weird.

But the moment I got to know them I realised I was at the right place. They needed me so badly. More than I needed them, for sure! And they invited me in and gave me some food.

Days passed and I destroyed my first toy. I love to chew. A lot. So I chewed it to pieces. It was too fluffy to stay alive.

They also took me to some other people with plastic gloves, putting me on cold surfaces. Wasn’t nice. And when one of them was cleaning my ears, I wanted to bite her. But I couldn’t. I was just too tired. And I got some nice food when she finished. Wasn’t bad at all. The food, I meant.

I rested for next two weeks. Slept a lot. In laps as well. I grew a bit and gained a pound. Got new food. All kinds of it. I know the woman even cooked for me.

So I ate well. Also shat where I shouldn’t, twice. Just to try my people out. The second time I really pissed the girl off. She was always so nice, cuddling and kissing me, playing with me and talking to me nicely. That day, when I shat, she yelled. And cried a bit. But I knew she didn’t cry cause of my shit. You can’t cry cause of some shit on some screed, right?

Even cats know that.

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