“Breaking Barriers” — An initiative to bolster our budding entrepreneurs!

On the 17th of September, the ED cell of Department of Management Sciences, Savitribai Phule Pune University (PUMBA) had organized a session on “Breaking Barriers”. Through both these sessions, the students had a chance to interact with industry magnates Mr. Rajesh Ramdas, who is the VP for Virtusa Polaris, and Mrs. Vasanti Purohit, Director at Ranadey Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajesh Ramdas interacting with the students

First up was Mr. Rajesh Ramdas, whose session about ‘Success & Failure in Entrepreneurship’ was an absolute eye-opener. His work experience of 25 years was evident in the advice he had for all the budding entrepreneurs in the audience. His experience in corporate as well as his own entrepreneurial ventures made for great answers to the student’s questions. In his lecture, he talked about several important things, including our ability to take risks, market acquisition vs. cash flows, funding and more. His insights on the entrepreneurial world were enlightening for all the students.

Students sharing their thoughts.

On the topic of risk taking, he said, “Taking a risk is based on the ecosystem around you, and more importantly, your ability to see what’s in it for you at the end. Everyone should take risks, but you should be aware of the risk you’re taking. You should be sure that there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow you’re following.” He made an excellent point when he said that an idea waits for no one. Everyone remembers the successful Harvard dropouts, he said, including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, because they had an impact on the world, and more so than the people who completed their Harvard MBA.

Regarding the highly anticipated topic of funding, Mr. Ramdas mentioned that while looking for funding for an entrepreneurial venture, the hierarchy would be something like the Angel network first, then venture capital, and lastly, private equity. If you have a good idea, you will have funds. His lecture was filled with tidbits of wisdom, including his thoughts on failure; “Failure does not lead to intellectual killing, but to social killing”, on ideas; “If you have an idea, work on it. Don’t let the other factors bother you”, on experience; “Experience teaches you how to take risks, your ideas come from your heart”; and on fear; “Fear of failure will always be there, you have to overcome it.”

The overall session was very engaging, with several students asking many questions, and Sir answered them all patiently, making sure that every query was answered completely.

Mrs. Vasanti Purohit interacting with the students.

Next up was the lecture on ‘A Roadmap for Farmers — the Concept of Balanced Plant Nutrition and Allied Aspects’ by Mrs. Vasanti Purohit. She is a highly experienced person in the agriculture industry, and is currently the Managing Director at Ranadey Tech Pvt Ltd. Her Msc and PhD in Agricultural Extension Education- Business Communication, combined with her vast experience of 27 years with the IMT Ranadey group make her a powerhouse of knowledge on anything and everything in the agricultural field. Mrs. Purohit shared her own experiences from her illustrious career, while also advising the student to “be an optimist before becoming an entrepreneur”. She answered several of the student’s questions regarding varied aspects of the roadmap for farmers, including the important concept of balanced plant nutrition.

Students sharing their thoughts.

Mrs. Purohit’s enthusiastic personality created a wonderful learning environment. The session was interactive, insightful and the students indeed learned a lot from it, especially several inputs regarding allied concepts of balanced plant nutrition, which were hitherto unknown to many.

Mr. Rajesh Ramdas being felicitated by Dr. Rajesh Pahurkar.
Mrs. Vasanti Purohit being felicitated by Dr. Rajesh Pahurkar.

The lectures were concluded with the felicitation of the guests with memento, by our faculty coordinator, Dr. Rajesh Pahurkar. The event was a great success and a learning experience for everyone, with the students taking away a lot more insight on the respective topics of the guest sessions.

Report by-

Malvika Jadhav

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