Nukkad Pe Charcha: Ab tu Bolegaa!!!

A nukkad is usually a hangout place. Somewhere you go to have chai with your friends. Somewhere you go to relax. A place that makes sure you wash away all your worries and rejuvenate yourself. But if you ask a PUMBAite about a nukkad, his views might vary a little. He will tell you about the debate competition that gives the nukkad at PUMBA a different perspective!

This competition- Nukkad pe Charcha- was conducted by the Communication Cell last week at Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA), Savitribai Phule Pune University. The entire campus witnessed an aura of NPC with the cell’s promotional activities- various posters and stickers of the event stuck onto the coffee cups in the canteen to mobile phones of the students.


Two team of 5 members represented each division from MBA++ and MBA-PBT. An elimination round was conducted the previous day in order to decide which team would represent each division. The guest for the day was RJ Nikky from 98.3 FM who judged the competition.

The Communication Cell came up with an innovative idea of Silent PR which got an immense response from the students. A representative from each division was called on the stage to elaborate on their Silent PR Strategies. Each team was given a total of 15 minutes out of which 3 were meant for explaining the stand of each team on the topic and the later 12 mins were reserved for the debate.

The Charcha commenced its first round with Div. B from MBA++ vs. MBA — PBT. The topic for debate was “Need Vs Want — what takes more money out of your pocket?” Div B made it to finals. Round 2 witnessed a debate on “Revenge vs. Negotiation” between Div A & C. This debate was a cut throat competition between both the teams, which was won by Div A.

Div A and B from battled for the winners’ title of Nukkad Pe Charcha on the topic “Does Censorship hamper the artistic freedom?” It was a major exchange of ideas between both the teams on the facts of censorship in movies particularly. The content of debate was very thoughtful and the contestants came up with the examples of Short films like Paani to name a few and even the recent movies like Udta Punjab. It was ended on a high note which eventually led Div A to the winner’s title. The Silent PR ideas of Div A also led them to win the title for it too.

The entire event was summarized with an address by the guest- RJ Nikky who was enthusiastic as ever and made sure that the event ended on an amazing note.

Report by-

Kunal Mohite

Vaishali Gupta