The problem we have with supplements and how to solve them

Supplements. Probably one of the most advertised products of the last decades.

Wikipedia says: “A dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities.”

Supplements make things a lot easier. Or a lot more complicated. They overcome lacks. Or create new ones. Supplements help. Supplements don’t help. It’s up to you — but also up to the supplement industry, meaning the companies and everyone spreading knowledge about it.

I think, like in politics for instance, there’re two poles of radical opinions and everything in between. What especially both poles and too many intermediate share is a lack of knowledge and education. Let me explain. On the one pole, people hate and refuse to take supplements, because they think they are artificial and chemical. On the other pole, people consume way too many supplements and act like they could not survive without them — that guy thinking his workout was absolutely wasted if he doesn’t drink his post-workout shake 5 minutes after leaving the iron. Although these two attitudes are rare, I sincerely hope, that you, dear reader, recognise the lack of education in times of broscience, rip-off, “wonder-supplements” and thousands of different opinions on thousands of different pages and magazines. Now, I want you to go back to the picture in the beginning — a topic mostly disappearing during the beginning of spring, though still worth discussing. Would a supplement company spread the fact that the sun helps as well? Could that broscience-guy tell you what could help you? No offense, but did you know what’s happening to your body causing winter depression? If the answer is yes, great! Unfortunately, if the answer is no, the chance that you fall for a rip-off supplement, a bad quality product or that you waste your money is clearly higher. Supplement companies have recognized that, and many of them use it for their own purposes: All these either drop or gain 10 pounds of muscle or fat in a ludicrous amount of time companies spamming you on Instagram and countless “essential” supplements are born.

No, you won’t die if you don’t take supplements — of course not. No, like any other food, if you purchase a good quality product, supplements aren’t that artificial or chemical — some are, but even if so, if it’s high-grade, it is not unhealthy. Supplements are great to:

  1. Save time: a protein shake is just so fast and easy to make, and a huge step towards your protein intake goal.
  2. Save calories: you can focus getting full in a diet instead of focussing difficult nutrient goals.
  3. Get way faster to your goals: some supplements greatly increase strength, endurance, muscle building, burned fat, …
  4. Consume stuff that’s hard to consume otherwise, as Wikipedia says. Especially useful in a vegan diet for instance.
  5. Kill lacks. Or winter depression.

Tell me if I forgot something. Yes, you can achieve your goals without any supplement. But they’re great and definitely deserve their attention. They deserve your attention. They deserve my attention. Here’s what I’m going to do: My dream and what I’m working on 24/7 is a startup called PUSH2AIM, placed in the fitness and supplement industry. I’m now writing this, and you don’t have to believe me now, but my startup will be customer-oriented first. I’m going to write more articles like this one and am spreading knowledge on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube already. We need more people to spread real facts and knowledge (I encourage you to do that if you have the knowledge), so that you can do your part: Inform yourself. Learn. Get to know which supplements are great for yourself. Adapt diet and your supplement stacks to yourself and your goals, and stay updated to be able to judge upcoming products. With my startup ideas and through my social media accounts, I will make exactly that a lot easier. But I encourage you to gain knowledge. Can’t be bad, huh?

This is my very first article here, so I’d love to hear some feedback, I want to learn and improve as well!

Have a great week,

Johannes Eisenlohr

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