New Twitch economy with NANO Betting

Two weeks ago we received a great support from the NANO community when we announced our integration, now its time for the next step, to further grow its adoption by allowing a new form of income to be generated by live streamers using NANO.

This new income allows streamers to further improve their viewers experience, receive more support from them and overall grow faster thanks to innovation.

PVP.ME Streams enables anyone to offer bets on a Twitch channel. This allows them to generate income by offering a more engaging experience to their viewers with new & crazy bets in regards to the game they are playing.

You can also use this to set up an automated betting service with us thanks to our PVP.ME API.

Nano betting with AI fights has been a great success

We charge a 7% commission to the user only when they win
If a user bets 10 Nano with x2 odds, he will win 10 Nano minus 7% (0.7 Nano). Making his total receiving amount to 19.3 NANO.

This 0.7 Nano is splitted between the streamer & PVP.ME.

Lets see the numbers

In the following case we are going to use one of the channels from our community members “NANO AI Fights” and its past week performance.

For simplicity we are going to average everything out, odds are 2:2 and 20 Nano was at play. 7% would be 1.4 Nano.

Each launched bet would generate 1.4 Nano to be splitted.

During a streaming session of 4 hours, with 20 NANO at play (1.4 profit) every 10 minutes would generate 33.6 Nano per day. Not bad right?

Payouts to the streamer are done on a 24h hour cycle, no need to wait long days or weeks for payment!

20 working days x 33.6 Nano = 672 Nano every month

PVP.ME Streams dashboard v 1.0

But wait, what will the split be?

Easy, 50% for every Twitch user and 75% for current 1UpCoin users that have NANO donations integrated.

Right now early birds sign-ups can enjoy a bonus and get 75% of the revenue generated. We want to give the tools out so new experiences that we cannot imagine can be built on top of NANO Betting with streams.

Early bird Sign-up

If you are a Twitch user who wants to offer bets on a stream, or you know a streamer, send them over to sign up


Upcoming features

  • Public API release for PVP.ME NANO Betting
  • Stream rains, allowing to give Nano to your viewers from one click.
  • Full Youtube integration