The Insurance Broker’s Guide to Getting the Best Travel Insurance

Once you’ve had the excitement of planning and booking your holiday, trying to find the right travel insurance is generally the more stressful, confusing aspect of trip preparation. There are so many providers to choose from and so many different options, that it may well put people off getting travel insurance at all.

However, it is worth getting.

Getting travel insurance is a personal decision based on where you’ll be going, how long you’ll be away, your budget and whether you’d feel more at ease with having cover in place. However having some form of cover is definitely worth the expense.

Travel insurance will not only cover you for medical expenses, such as injuries, accidents and hospital visits — it’s an all-purpose emergency coverage which can include the following:

Evacuation cover: you’ll be covered in medical emergencies should you need to be transported to a major hospital for treatment.

Trip cancellations: if you encounter unseen interruptions in your travel plans, for instance if you become sick, you have legal obligations to attend to or if there are weather or carrier issues.

Flight insurance: this insurance will protect you should there be difficulties with your flights, such as a delay or cancellation due to poor weather, mechanical breakdowns or labour strikes.

Baggage insurance: baggage and property insurance will give you coverage for theft or damage to your possessions while traveling, or cover for if your baggage is delayed in arriving at your destination.

Although you hopefully won’t have to use it, having insurance in place could save you thousands of pounds if an accident or the unexpected does happen.

What type of travel insurance will you need?

The level of insurance you choose will depend upon factors such as the length of your trip, the amount of valuables you’re bringing with you, whether you’ve pre-booked flights and accommodation, and if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

If you already have health insurance you may be covered internationally, and your other types of insurance policies may already include travel insurance. Credit card companies will often also include some forms of travel or theft insurance, so be sure to check before you buy!

What to look for in an insurance policy provider

· Cover for most countries in the world

· Coverage for injuries and sudden illnesses and personal accidents

· 24 hour emergency services and help

· Give the option for higher coverage for electronics

· Cover lost, stolen or damaged possessions, and cancellations for flights, transport and accommodation in an emergency

Our 7 travel insurance tips

1. As well as thoroughly checking what’s included in your policy, you’ll also need to carefully consider what isn’t, and what you’ll need to pay extra for — e.g. pre-existing conditions.

2. Compare insurance deals online, or call an insurance broker. An experienced insurance broker may be able to offer you exclusive deals that won’t be available online and you’ll be sure to get the cover you need.

3. Also check with family and friends and look to travel forums for recommendations, as you may be able to find reviews from people who have gone on similar trips.

4. Get your travel insurance as early as you can once you’ve booked your holiday to avoid hikes in prices. Consider annual or multi-trip insurance too as this could save you money in the long run if you plan on travelling more in the year.

5. Keep a note of all your policy numbers, account numbers and insurance contact information to make processing a claim easier.

6. Be sure to file a police report should you need to immediately after any theft or accident. Policies usually come with a 24 hour deadline for the claim to be valid.

7. Take photos of all your belongings with a date mark and save these digitally and on paper. Remember to keep the originals and copies of all item receipts and hospital receipts.

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