A Call to Innovative Schools from all over the World

This letter goes out to all the educational front-runners, innovative teachers, early-adopters, crazy rethinkers and digital wizards

In one of my last posts, I wrote about how we created the app Waltzing Atoms to learn chemistry playfully.

Now, we are looking for two schools per country that get our software products for free.

I’m part of the wonderful Waltzing Atoms team for more or less over a year. It has been an amazing journey so far. But now we’re stuck somehow. Our product is completed, we’re ready to go, but we’re having problems connecting to schools.

The reason we started our project were the tedious discussions about education here in Austria. We wanted to create something helpful and close-to-reality for educators in science. It’s ironic: now it’s difficult to reach the schools through all the noise in reality.

Chemistry is a universal language. It’s beautiful to see molecules like hemoglobin and think about what they do in our blood. One major goal of our venture is to bring more students to STEM, inspire them to see chemistry as a funny and interesting thing.

That’s why Waltzing Atoms is no digital laboratory, where you can make digital experiments. It’s also no information platform about the periodic system. It’s different and completely disruptive. That’s why it is sometimes difficult to explain. Still, our mission is clear: “School is Everywhere”, connecting the everyday life with beautiful and playful science digitally.

Waltzing Atoms goes out to reach out to students who think that science cannot be fun, is somewhat not cool or boring. That’s the students we have to convince. All of us.

We are trying hard to get out there. We are emailing, trying to find the right person in schools. But we are a small startup. I thought maybe we can do this together.

Interactive Chemistry Now!

You are a teacher in a school using digital devices? You know schools that follow a digital agenda (and teach chemistry)? We would love to connect. We are looking for two partner schools per country that share our vision. Get in touch and we can innovate the future together.

Philipp makes apps for education.
Get his latest Waltzing Atoms and learn chemistry playfully.
Waltzing Atoms is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft devices.

Direct message contact on twitter for interested schools: twitter.com/PWissgott