I took liberties with Mike Posner’s pill in Ibiza

RE: Mike Posner’s post https://medium.com/@MikePosner/i-took-a-pill-in-ibiza-2f7de1406c6d#.4dr89fjes

I’m so guilty of disregarding music lyrics if the first thing I hear is the beat/overall ‘feel’ of the music. Luckily, I’m also someone who will replay a song I like all day long, so eventually, the poetry pushes through and I hear the message (the real intended message) of the song. I haven’t yet done that to this song, but I loved it first listen so, with saliency coming through for ya girl, this medium article jumped out at me and, instead of the build up of gradual conciousness to the song’s message, I was basically thrust into it.

Das cool

I WILL say that sometimes there are 4 or 5 different languages of a song. You don’t just hear it in the traditional sense. There are lyrics and beats scored by instruments, sure. However, there are also ways in which you can understand the emotions behind a hit, by paying attention to pitch, cadence, volume and how they convey fear, pain or any of the plethora of complex human emotions.

So, it’s clear how, SeeB’s remix kinda forced I took a pill in Ibiza down an unintended path to pop success. Likely, Posner’s former party boy image (and dance DJs’ obssession with “partifying songs they really have no business “partifying”) had something to do with SeeB’s decision to turn the song into what he felt it should sound like.

SeeB to Posner:

“You’re welcome”

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