Samsung needs to get into mainstream fashion

I am happy to hear someone praising Android over iOS. It’s been a while. I have only had Android: first the Motorola Droid 3, which seriously crapped out after 2 years; and now is Samsung Galaxy S5, which has been almost flawless in just under 2 years. This phone gives me everything I need! I used to use the Flipboard feature (swipe right) at first and it really got me into checking daily news for the first time. I stopped because of limited functions and stuff; there’s better downloadable apps (even Flipboard’s standalone app…).

But I can’t really relate with you all the way; I never went shopping for accessories for this GS5 because I’m not into that. I bought a rubber case on Amazon for $5 when I 1st got the phone and that’s all I’ve needed. I have tons of wires and compatible stuff from my previous LG phones.

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