The Success Bloggers Are Selling You Bullshit.
Jon Westenberg

Well written Jon! I do agree with you, as you said that is part of being humans.

The bad part about this is that people may be as you described of eating shit and not liking things they´re doing but the difference is — and I bet you don´t do it — is COMPLAIN and WHINE around everyday saying you don´t like what you see, you don´t like what you are working on and just COMPLAINING about everything.

I think that´s the added value from the “success” posts and routines that bloggers post about, In my personal opinion they have helped me to push my limits and work hard for what I want and never complain about something that is happening to me because I have the ability to change that, we all have.

So instead of following any of those routines I´ve come to the conclusion of creating my own routine, the one that works with my body and mind because we are all different from each other. That´s my best takeaway from all those motivational posts.

Thank you! and keep writing with the truth.

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