Exercise & Entrepreneurship: move ur ars.

How you treat your body today is how your body will treat you tomorrow.

5:00 am. Crazy. I Drink 500ml of water. Rush to the gym. I am on the stationary bike doing intervals for 85 minutes and then must do a 25 min tempo run. Quick Shower. Then I play with my 6 month twins and drive my 4 year old son to school.

I am in the best shape of my life. I feel great. I have been doing this for the last year with my coach Michael Lovato (3x Ironman Champion and amazing human being).

It it very easy to get stuck doing low value work for hours- Then weekd which turn in to months and then years. And then you are out of shape.

It can be answering emails, browsing the web, working late on new releases, whatever! I Found out that when this was happening to me, I was doing things I should not be doing. They key is to delegate. Everybody should aim for a balanced life where you have time to be a super human being in all the important aspects of your life: yourself, your partner, your family, spiritually, giving back and of course for being fit.

Paul Graham, starts the first day of the Y Combinator startup program with this:

If you’re ever unsure if you should be doing what you’re doing during YC, ask yourself this question: ‘Am I building our product? Am I talking to users? Am I exercising?’. if you’re not doing one of these things, you’re doing the wrong thing.

For me it started 6 years ago when I did my first sprint Triathlon. I have come to really love this sport: you swim, you bike and you run. Slowly it has changed my life. Today I am happy to say I am in my best shape ever and I am only 35 years old. I started self training reading books, talking with other amateurs and online training programs. And I completed them. But like everything in life, when you have a coach who has really been there before, you just get soo much better.

I just finished Ironman 70.3 Cozumel 2015 and did my personal best. I cut down my times by 30 minutes, from 7:03' to 6:33' thanks to my Coach: Michael Lovato is a champion. He has really helped me all the way!

I absolutely love Triathlons. The balance you get is great. I feel so alive and full of energy. The freshness of being in the pool twice a week, two bike rides and 2 times out running is marvelous. You get time to think a lot on many aspects of your life. I am such a better person, entrepreneur, husband, father.

Soo what ever you are doing as an entrepreneur start exercising. You will see the benefits everywhere straight away. Get a coach. Do what you love the most. But do something: move your ars!