Do Fewer Things, Better
Dharmesh Shah

Saying NO really matters

Darmesh- congrats- this is One of The best pieces of advice I have read lately.

Luciano Pavarrotti was once heard saying that success is more about saying no to an opportunity to leave space for the big opportunity.

I started “saying NO” and entered a personal process of what I call minimizing. I left board seats I had and am super focusing on the most import at things in my life: my family, being spiritual, triathlon, my agency and payments company, with a super focus on sales and growth. And being Excellent operationally in my both companies.

I have said no to many things. I only mentor those entrepreneurs who have a huge Potential.

I stopped doing business lunches because of the time and drinking it implies and switched that time to work out. This means I get better sleep and I have become super super productive.