Oral Health: 3 Easy Tips on Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean and Germ Free

keep your toothbrush germ free

Keeping your toothbrush clean and germ free is just as important as keeping your mouth clean because if your toothbrush is not clean how can your mouth be. When you expose it to air there’s a 100% chance it will contract germs especially while in the bathroom. Being exposed to germs can lead to illness and infections. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your mouth and your toothbrush cleaner.
 Use toothbrush Caps
 Family Dollar and drugstores have toothbrush caps, they keep your bristle contain in a plastic lid that will protect them from debris and ugly germs that linger in restrooms.
 These provide ultimate protection so that you don’t have to worry about putting more bacteria into your mouth; in addition the mouth already carries enough of it.
 Before brushing your teeth always rinse your bristles off with hot water just before and after using it.
 The hot water kills germs and sterilizes them, make sure that after you brush your teeth there are no food particles or toothpaste still laying somewhere between the your brush.
 Keep them away from the toilet,
 If your sink is near the toilet make sure to keep the toothbrushes on the opposite side of the sink. Placing them on the other side is very important it will prevent urine from splashing onto them, ewe! You don’t want to have urine breath (laughing) — just kidding.
 Also put them inside of the medicine cabinet for added protection this will keep guest or family members from reaching over the toothbrushes. If they cannot fit inside the cabinet try the caps as a guard to maintain good oral health.
 Sterlize Your Toothbrush
 Hot water is not the only way to sterilize your toothbrush, peroxide is another great way. I’ve been using this method for a long time, my mother gave me the idea and I have to say I love it. Start by dropping your toothbrushes upside down in a clean cup. Then pour about 3 oz of peroxide into the cup or just enough to cover the bristles of the brush. Let them soak in there for about 10 minutes or overnight if you wish, take them out and rinse.
 Oral health is very important at keeping your gums healthy, teeth strong and also aids in preventing gum disease; such as gingivitis which causes your gums to bleed. And it can lead to major conditions such as periodontal disease that affects the gum line, without treatment can get worse and lead to tooth loss, infections, cancer and other medical issues. If you have gingivitis and are searching for a way on how to make your gums stop bleeding, there’s a gingivitis remedy that will help cure your bleeding gums.
 Source by Lorna Darden

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