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It’s been a decade since I created my Behance account. This is a story about how fast time pass… especially online.

According to my Behance profile, I registered in 2007 on a day like today.

So, I thougth it would be proper if I write something about the one social media that really changed my professional life.

The first thing I remember about Behance is that you have to be invited to enter and create a profile. I don’t remember who invited me to join the platform, but thanks God it happened.

The timing was also perfect for me. A few month before I heard about their website, I was participating in a design contest that —oddly enough— I won.

That triggered some good things but also some confusing assumptions about my profesional life. I might need to write a different post to explain it further, but long story short, that first “award” forced me to rebrand myself by ditching my old portfolio and create a fresh new start.

Behance was the website I was waiting for.

A restrospective:

Behance, also helped a lot of designers (myself included) to organize their body of work into an unobtrusive simple-to-browse website. Within minutes, any designer, could have their first online presence.

Critics might say that under an unique web template, every portfolio look alike. I understand that is not a perfect scenario, but neither democracy.

However, the most important thing in a portfolio is the work itself and that unique template didn’t stop designers to create stand out presentations.

With a little bit of creativity, any designer, young or experienced, could have a shot.

For me, the butterfly effect of Behance was pretty straight forward. Thru their website my work got known and that opened several doors and opportunities. Without them, it would took me longer to be where I am today.

That time when I thank them in person.

Several iterations and designs has passed and I witnessed every single one. As an user, I’m happy to see that amount of dedication from the Behance’s team and cannot wait to see what are going to show us next.

Thanks for reading.

Pablo Zarate is a Designer and an Independent Art Director from Buenos Aires, Argentina. You can buy his posters and get in touch with him on Twitter & Facebook.

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