The Queen of Blades: Platitude Feminism, Problematic Faves, and Katniss Everdeen
Benjanun Sriduangkaew

I really enjoyed your article, but as I have casually reviewed the “Starcraft I story and cinematics” on youtube, I would like to qualify one little thing about Raynor and Kerrigan relationship: even though it’s true that the first one lets Kerrigan down when she regains the “Queen of Blades”’ aspect, Sarah has failed him far more often before (of course, I’m talking about Brood War: the death of Fenix, the lies of Kerrigan, the wantom attack on fleeing foes).

I don’t know if you will agree with me, but what I find more reprehensible about Raynor and Kerrigan’s romance is that Blizzard forced it through the sequel. I mean, back in Star Craft I and Brood War, Jim swore that he would end Kerrigan for her crimes, and Sarah was ok with that. She knew that, in some manner, they were all murderers. They were all playing a dangerous game and love wasn’t really a thing for anyboy because the story was about fighting for survival, domination, etc. Then we get Wings of Liberty/ Hearts of the Swarm an we encounter the knight errant — and the damsel in distress.

In this sense, I would have loved to see the story deepening with a more strong self-independent Kerrigan and a non-forgetful Raynor that learns, however, to respect that Sarah and perhaps he himself, are characters with blood on their hands who have been sometimes wrong or manipulated, but also have suffered at the hands o greater powers and tried to restore some balance in the universe after all. And the love story, I would have plunged it beneath the “that which had not been possible”.

This is all. Please forgive my english and sorry for writing 8 months after the publication of this article.

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