Energy Efficient LED Light Fixtures to Revamp your Lighting Systems

Lighting systems for household or commercial purposes have huge importance at any point of time. While you might have seen at majority of places that modern LED fixtures replace the conventional halogen or mercury lamps, the metamorphosis in the lighting system is not a new concept. Huge technological advancement has taken place in case of LED Light Fixture and that too is rapidly upgrading every other day.

There is a wide range of LED lights that are available in the market and are used for various purposes. LED Flood Lights are used to light up the larger areas such as field areas, open areas, warehouses, parking lots, playgrounds, gardens and so on. FFH series high wattage LED emits very powerful and bright beam of light with 5700 k color temperature. The color temperature is warranted, as it will not increase by 200 k within 5 years span. The construction of these lights is quite sturdy with high temperature silicon gaskets that remain undamaged.

These lights have environment friendly polyester coating on their outer bodies that are designed for greater endurance and robust color finishing. Its aluminum casing too is powder coated that protects these lights from accidental breakages. 60-degree light beam angle is just effective to light up the darkened areas with a sharp and crisp light beam. Heavy-duty Trunnion mount is included in the pack, which helps you set the light at desired height. IP-65 rating makes these lights dustproof and water-resistant. and therefore you can use them in any type of weather conditions. They need zero maintenance once you install them.

Extraordinary thermal management with external air fins provides perfect stabilization to the temperature of these lights. These lights do not contain harmful elements or toxic metals such as mercury and hence are green-technology compatible.

If you need to brighten up the areas such as loading areas, walkways, corridors, basements or parking areas where lighting is extremely poor, LED Wall Pack can prove to be of great use. These wall pack lights are ideal in such areas because they can supply greater amount and intensity of bright light. Their set up is arranged in sideways areas in such a manner that they can propagate the emission outward with equal distribution to fill up the entire area with bright light. For the same purpose, different types of compatible lenses are provided with the lights that you can use as per the space.

You can easily install these lights as they can be mounted directly onto the wall. They have IP-65 ingress protection for moisture, dust and water. Die-cast aluminum housing makes them extremely robust. With heavy-duty slim design, these wall packs are known as high performance LEDs with extended lifespan driver. LED wall pack lights have unique ability to produce awesome and colorful ambience including different colors such as green, red, blue, amber and lot more.

Heat-sinking feature with advanced thermal management system do not overheat these lights, hence the lighting temperature is maintained. They provide uniform dissemination along with vertical light distribution that eliminates on-sight glare. They have upgraded optical assembly with well-designed LED array for enhanced performance and photometric distribution.

Looking at several characteristics of LED light fixtures, you can definitely say that these lights are going to capture the whole consumer market very soon by completely replacing traditional lights. The functioning and operating system of these LED fixtures are very different from incandescent bulbs that help them stand out in the global marketplaces.

They are compact when compared to fluorescent lighting systems with an increased lifespan of 60,000 hours consistently. They utilize least amount of energy for functioning, which is around 90% more energy efficient as compared to incandescent bulbs. These lights are completely safe to use and you need not spend much money on servicing or repairing. LED lights offer customized and effective lighting solutions with a wide variety of lights designed for specific usage. Their slim, sleek yet sturdy framework offer them perfectly modern and attractive look.

These lights can be turned on quickly without the requirement of any start up time. Therefore, they do not consume much energy even during their functioning. Since there is severe scarcity of electricity in remote areas, these lights can play a vital role with minimum energy consumption. Among wide collections of LED fixtures, you need to select the appropriate one that matches your needs well.