Your beer glass matters

In the same way that certain wines should be served in their own glassware, beer follows the same rules. You wouldn’t drink red wine from a champagne flute, so ante up and get yourself some proper glassware!

Below is a list of some more detailed options and info to help you decide.

WHEAT-this glass is designed to accentuate the aromas and flavours naturally found in most wheat beers (especially German Weiss Biers). Naturally more effervescent, this tall glass requires a slow gentle pour at the beginning and when the beer is ¾ full, a more direct pour to create thick creamy foam. The wide open mouth of the glass showcases the variety of aromas to the drinker

STRAIGHT STEIN- this proto-typical beer glass is wonderful for lighter tasting beers. It has a narrow mouth to concentrate the aromas at the top of glass and a handle to avoid warming the beer up.

STEMMED LAGER — lagers, typically, have fewer aromas than ales and should be consumed colder. This stemmed glass offers benefits to the drinker — tall and narrow to focus the great aromas at the top and a stem to keep your hand away from the beer.

SNIFTER — who says this is only for brandy? Snifters are great glasses for specialty beers. The short stem invites the drinker to envelop the glass, bringing up the temperature in the beer. This will create a fuller taste and allow the body of the beer to be appreciated. A sloped lip on the top of the glass keeps the foam intact and focuses the aromas.

PUB GLASS — great for a variety of ales. Ales, like red wines need glasses with wide open mouths. The abundance of aromas can rise to the top to greet the drinker while the narrow bottom allows the glass to warm up slightly. Also, an excellent partner to a stout.

FOOTED GLASS-this is a great glass for a typical Canadian ale. These ales have the fruity, floral aromas of an ale but are refreshing and smooth like a lager. The aromas are not overly abundant and this glass narrows the focus for the drinker.

FLAIRED PILSNER — Pilsners are lagers with slightly more bitterness and aromas and therefore need a glass that embodies the style. This glass has a great wide open mouth for those wonderful hop aromas and slight malt body and a slim, tall body to keep the beer cold.

HOURGLASS- is a multi dimensional glass. While it is tall and narrow, it also has a mouth that presents a variety of flavours and aromatics. You could choose to put an amber lager or amber ale such as a honey brown and truly savour the great beer.

DIMPLED MUG — full bodied ales are a good choice for this glass. The handle is large enough to get your hand around the glass if you want to warm it up. However, if you like it a little colder, use the handle. A nice wide mouth will bring all those great flavours to you very easily.

AMBER CHALICE- another great glass for a great ale — whether it’s a dark, amber, brown or even a stout — this glass truly showcases the terrific attributes of the beer. TULIP- strong beers (Trappist styles, Bocks) are well presented in the tulip. The open mouth brings the nose of the beer to life while the round body allows you to warm it up, intensifying those wonderful flavours. Also a good glass for fruit beers.

Now get out to IKEA (or literally anything else) and get started!