Case study : Reasons why Google’s Orkut failed after Facebook was launched. Also know what Orkut’s founder is doing recently to start up again.

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Graphical representation of daily unique visitors with time for both Orkut and Facebook.Orkut was shut down in 2014.

Well will there be any future of Google’s baby Orkut?

First let us try to differentiate the features provided by both of the social networking beasts and understand them more closely.


Features provided by Orkut:
. Add friends
. Send scraps to people (Scrapbook) – These messages are visible to all.
. Send personal messages to each other
. Post videos
. Integrate G talk
. Option of liking each other`s activities
. Restricted and unrestricted community polls
. Customizing themes
. Becoming a fan of each other
. Rating your friends


Features provided by Facebook:
User begins with creating their own profile, mentioning the basic personal details like Name, Location, Age, Profile picture etc. User can customize
their profiles and choose what to show and what not .The basic features provided in Facebook are:
. Have a personal profile
. Add friend
. Send personal messages
. Status updates
. Posting videos and photos
. Get notified about other friend`s activities
. Option of liking and sharing activities
. Becoming part of groups
. Sharing Life Events
. Organizing friends

Could you figure out what are their uniques features? Well Not much?

Thinking about why Orkut users are shifting to Facebook,it is obvious that Orkut lacks many features that Facebook is taking advantages of. Some of the features I personally thinks are:

. Like Button : like button helps people to like and hype contents like post,activities,images,videos etc .But there was no such kind of features.

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Image showing like button implemented on Facebook.

. Notifications: Facebook user can use the notification features to look at activities all together at a time without revisiting different profile or post.

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Facebook notification features.

. No Recent Visitors Feature : This is one of the most privacy features where users can sneak peak others profile being an anonymous.It let’s you browse other people’s profiles without worrying about them knowing it on Facebook unlike Orkut where one can
see who visited their profile.

. News Feed: The news feed is so intelligently developed that it provides you with fresh content time anytime. You do not need to hunt for fresh content. There was no substitute of it on Orkut.

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Facebook feeds of a Facebook user.

. Non Business minded: Orkut is not business friendly
while Facebook is. Orkut does not provide business page creation.

. Games: Facebook has launched interesting and engaging games from time to time while Orkut did not.

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Image showing online gaming features launched by Facebook.

. Visual Appeal: Visually Facebook is lot more appealing than Orkut.

. User Friendly: Facebook is lot more user friendly and simple to use than Orkut.

. Technical reasons: There are technical reasons also. Orkut is based on ASP and Javascript; these two
combinations are too tough to manage. Facebook uses PHP, one of the simplest languages.

. Search: Orkut profiles cannot be found without logging in.

Well this is what people have to say about the failure of Orkut.

1) Facebook was the main reason behind Orkut failure.
2) Though redesigned several times Orkut was not able to retain its user base.
3) In fact the initial design of Orkut was much simpler and user friendly. Later the things became just complicated to access.
4) The website loaded slowly compared to its rival Facebook.
5) Facebook kept it as simple as it could for the user so Orkut’s loss was Facebook’s gain.
6) Orkut never tried really to take up to revive itself.
7) Introducing Google Plus already meant beginning of the end for Orkut.
8) Orkut should have been what Facebook is today but somehow it lost its momentum and the grip over its

It is clear that Facebook was engulfing Orkut using its unique features which makes Facebook more interactive,user friendly, and better user experience leading to the shifting effect to Facebook from Orkut.

But what you think what factors was responsible for the failure of Orkut?

Was it Facebook or Google? You can response me below about what u feel

Orkut’s founder launches another social
network called “Hello”.

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Social networking that has been created with love and passion.

Now Orkut’s creator Former Google engineer Orkut Buyukkokten has launched a new social network called Hello, which is available on mobile only. The app is available on Android and iOS in the following
countries: US, Canada, Britain, France,
Australia, Brazil, Ireland. Germany, Mexico and India are next on the list and the app should be available this month.

“Hello is the first social network built on loves, not likes. I designed hello
to help you connect with people who share your passions. Fear and hatred
have no place when you make such a simple and friendly gesture to someone else,” said by Orkut Buyukkokten .

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Hello will be launched in INDIA by 8/2016 .

Case lesson:

1)Positive changes are needed in order to make a company profitable in long term.

2)Its also important to observe and audit the competitor’s work and success. And build better than your competitors.

3)You must keep updated with technologies and know about the market before you start a business.

4)Its very important to pay attention towards the website or app UI and UX.

5)Give some valuable features for free don’t charge in every features users use.

6)It is always the best option to start over again if your business fails.There is nothing call “It won’t work more”.

Hope this article was useful to you.This article is aggregated from different news sources and

Thank you

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