Finding right Co-Founder and team for your start-up can be harder than you think.

Batman and Robin have common interest and trust each other. Hence, the can knock every challenges down.

By- Pachal Debbarma,PinView

So let me ask you a simple question “What’s is the most important factor that will drive a start-up successful?

Options are:

1.Motivation 2.Passion 3.Productivity

4.Team 5.Resource 6.Finance


Pick multiple options from the following choices and Continue to read.

Every entrepreneur picks some great idea and thinks himself as the unique one and dreams of making millions of money from his idea.But in reality there are lots of other entrepreneurs with similar so called great idea trying to turn into reality. Not only an entrepreneur with energetic passion, creativity etc can build his idea to real business. But it is a great team that will need along with passion,creativity etc in order to build a successful start-up.

The productivity of a team will depend upon the character, personality and creativity of the members. One of the most deadly mistake that young entrepreneurs do is making a team with a personality type of same trait of “all-hustler” , “all-hacker”, “all-investor” , “all- makers” , “all-programmers” etc. But a team must consist different types of member with different potentiality in different field. Talking about finding right co-founder is also the same .A co-founder must have a similar interest to yours along with the passion to solve something “why” and make people want to buy or use your product and service.It is very difficult to image your vision to another co-founder or team members’ head.In order to drive a start-up is to put the image of your product vision into co-founder’s head. Once they(co-founder) have clear idea about your business idea they will think if they really want to work with you in order to build a business with common interest.

Therefore,a start-up team must consist a well skilled member(learning phase) one who know real business and understands the product in order to dominate the market. So having a right co-founder can be challenging task.

Build value for team and respect.

Mostly trust.

So now u have got clear idea about what drives a start-up successful with long term cashflow.Solely creativity,huge investment ,motivation, resource etc is not only the fundamental factors.

If you are looking for a co-founder to work with you,one should always take care of co-founder’s interest, talent, productivity and passion.

Once you have a right co-founder and teams for your start-up then you are good to go for developing your product and seeking investors in order to have a successful start-up.

Lastly,don’t forget to build value and trust for your team and co-founders.


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