Top thing I learned this year

Image taken by Pachinko’s brother

I will not give a long list, I will not narrow it down to top three.

I have only one.

Don’t work too hard on anything because it is true what they said to work smart, that goes a long way and travel more, it did made me grow not just wiser but I gained more perspectives despite being broke at the end of the day which leads me to learn to save money for rainy days, it helped me pay for my compulsive buys after my heart break so don’t fall in love too deep, it will take longer time to heal and that is not necessarily a waste of time but I discovered there is more to life while I am renewing myself and that’s when I get to express more and not be afraid to let loose because at the end of the day, it is my life and only I am living it.

2015, you are awesome.