Our 10 Most Popular Shirts of 2015

January 08, 2016

Here at Pacific Issue, 2015 was a banner year for non boring shirts. 2016 is shaping up even better. And because it was a banner year — and also because we’re givers — we wanted to clue you into what all the cool people are wearing. All the shirt purchases have been tallied up by our resident spreadsheet guys and the results have been double checked by the non-spreadsheet guys. So without further ado, here are our most popular fabrics of 2015:

1. Stay Classy Staple White

Conventional wisdom says solid white = boring. Conventional wisdom is so conventional. Every guy needs a perfectly fitted white dress shirt. This one feels like a group of the world’s softest and rarest chinchillas banded together to form a living white dress shirt on your torso, molding to every beautiful curve of your upper body. It will keep you as classy and non-boring as possible.

2. Party Time, Excellent

Coming in at #2: The Party Time, Excellent. You CANNOT have a good time in this shirt. You cannot party in this shirt. I mean, look at it. It’s boring. Actually don’t look at it. It’s hideous. Don’t buy this shirt or by extension, you’ll be boring. It’s a cotton-poly, wrinkle resistant, fabric. But that’s beside the point because you shouldn’t buy it. Just move on.

T3. A Case of The Mondays


premium cotton shirting

Classic staple blue

That was a haiku.

T3. The Silver Lake — Black

Steam rolling onto the best of 2015 list in a three-way (ha!) tie for 3rd: The Silver Lake.

The Silver Lake is the ultimate compliment shirt. 
Micro polka dots? Check. 
Wrinkle-resistant poly-cotton blend? Check. 
Goes with almost all colors of pants? Check. 
Is not boring? Check.

T3. Not So Boring Blue

Let’s be honest. A nice fitting blue shirt is awesome. Not boring at all. Boring happens when your fit and fabric both suck. This shirt is cotton-poly wrinkle resistant fabric, constructed to last by our 3rd generation tailors, and cut to fit your body perfectly. So, the opposite of boring.

6. The Saturday

The Saturday entered our shirt lineup in June by way of customer design (thanks Mitchell!). Even though it was only available for six months, it quickly became a fan favorite. This shirt has a grey oxford cotton-poly blend base and a Lay Day accent pocket. Very sexy. Customize this one or get in touch on the comments section at checkout if you want to change up the accent.

7. The Gentlebro

Oh hey there bra. Que pasa? Nada? Cool. This shirt is from our 100% premium cotton gingham collection. It’ll get you compliments. It can make you more refined. Almost like a gentleman. More like a gentlebro.

8. The Venice

Coming in at #8: One of our most popular floral shirts (and a founder favorite). It’s a 100% cotton blend of wrinkle resistant badassedness — wordsmithing! The Venice can be worn on a beach, in the office, or in a Califormal-type environment. So many possibilities!

9. The Santa Monica

It’s boring blue reimagined to not be boring. You cannot be boring in this shirt. Seriously. Try. We’ll wait. Oh you have to wear the shirt to try? Then buy it. No handouts here, bub. Did we mention it’s a cotton-poly wrinkle resistant performance fabric?

10. Oxford Comma

This bad boy came on the scene halfway through 2015 and quickly made burned its way up the charts. Who gives a f&#k about an Oxford comma? You. This is a 100% cotton Oxford fabric. Give a f$*k and buy it today.

Don’t see anything above that you like? 
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