Who to Follow on the Interwebs: Aquabumps

In today’s first edition of “Cool Sh%t” that has nothing to do with custom shirts, we bring you: surfing in Bondi Beach, Australia. As is now, and will always be the case, these recommendations are to entertain and learn you something. To make you into a more interesting human.

What is it?

This badass dude named Eugene Tan (Uge) has been taking photos of Bondi Beach sunrises every weekday for 15+ years. Each morning he trudges down to Bondi Beach before sunset to capture sick photos of sunrise beach life. Then he blasts them out to 50k+ followers via a daily weekday email. He also gets out of Bondi every so often, takes yearly trips to Hawaii’s North Shore, and does a yearly excursion on a live aboard boat in Indonesia. Basically he gives you a bitchin’ beach fix to dull the pain of cubicle working.

Why you should care?

Because Uge’s emails make us happy every time they hit our inbox. Also, to get you some much needed culture. Fun Fact #1: It’s pronounced Bond EYE beach — not Bond-E. Fun Fact #2: it’s pronounced Auzzie, not Aussie. Fun Fact #3: Australia is a perfect blend of British sensibility and California kookishness. Consider yourself cultured now. You’re welcome.

How to check it out?

Look here and sign up for his email blast or follow him on the social medias

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