Pacio platform: Data without Boundaries!

What is Pacio? It is the blockchain-based decentralized solution, standardized, semantic and rich in business intelligence.

What does it do? Pacio provides the new standard and environment where data is standardized and controlled by its owner.

Why do we need new data storage and management standard?

This question requires some background information. We live in the world of big data. Data is the key to everything in today’s connected world, including power and wealth.

From Australia to Zimbabwe all entities and people create, manage and store some data. Unfortunately, often the data is controlled by the third parties. The result is a loss of privacy, security holes, loss of effectiveness and speed, financial and reputational losses.

So, the demand increases for the standardized ways to store, access, compare, manage, analyze, exchange, transact, and audit the data. Pacio provides the solution.

Pacio will deliver the data without fraud, data loss, knowledge gap, data redundancy, and overbudgeting.

How will Pacio do this?

• Standardize and simplify the storage, exchange, and comparison of data, both inside an entity and globally, via immutable decentralized data in the semantic blockchain;

• Improve security and privacy, with entities and people having full control of their data;

• Reduce the cost of storing, managing, comparing, and processing data;

• Process Crypto and Fiat transactions quickly, at zero cost to end users.

How can I invest in Pacio platform, the Data without Boundaries?

Please visit the site to learn more: