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READING ROOM: ON PROTEST was a one-day alternative public library in Ipswich (UK) on Friday 29…
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The following publications from our private collection were made publicly available during READING ROOM: ON PROTEST. We hope these titles can prove useful to anyone with an interest in the relationships between art and activism. We encourage additions to this list — please add anything relevant.

365 Performance — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2013

Above Snake — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2015

Actions — edited by Eleonora Fabião, André Lepecki; Self-published 2015

Answer Me — Jim Goad; Feral House, 1994

Beyond Cultural Diversity The Case For Creativity — edited by Richard Appignanesi; Third Text Publications; 2010

Black British Feminism — edited by Heidi Safia Mirza; Routledge 1997

Damascus: Tourists Artist Secret Agents: A Collective Narrative Reloading Images; The Green Box, 2009

Dancing With Men — Order Ashery; Live Art Development Agency, 2009

Derek Jarman — Tony Peak; Abacus, 2001

Double Exposure — Manuel Vason; Intellect, 2015

Empire Of The Senseless — Kathy Acker; Grove Press,1994

Experimental Theater — James Roose-Evans; Routledge, 1989

Flaming Creature: The Life and Time of Jack Smith, Artist, Performer, Exotic Consultant — Edward Leffingwell; Serpent’s Tail, 1997

Flawed — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2013

From The Beast To The Blonde — Marina Warner; Vintage, 1995

Guerilla Performance And Multimedia — Leslie Hill And Helen Paris; Continuum International Publishing, 2001

Hatred of Capitalism — edited by Chris Kraus and Sylvere Lotringer; Semiotext(e); 2001

Here Comes Everybody — Clay Shirky; Penguin, 2009

Hot Dog Death Bed — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2013

Kooks: A Guide To The Outer Limits Of Human Belief — Donna Kossy; Feral House, 1994

Leigh Bowery — Sue Tilley; Hodder & Stoughton Ltd,1997

No Go The Bogeyman — Marina Warner; Vintage, 2000

Outsider Art — Colin Rhodes; Thames & Hudson, 2000

Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh by Adrian Heathfield, Tehching Hsieh; MIT Press, 2009

Pleading In The Blood: The Art And The Performance of Ron Athey
Edited by Dominic Jonhson; Intellect, 2013

Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art History — Amelia Jones & Adrian Heathfield; Intellect, 2012

Public Enemy — Henrik Ibsen; Faber & Faber, 2013

Pedagogy Of The Oppressed — Paulo Freire; Penguin,1996

Performance Live Art Since The 60s — Roselee Goldberg; Thames and Hudson Ltd; Reprint edition, 2004

Ranchero — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2011

Rapid Eye Book 3 — Various; The Tears Corporation/Creation, 1995

Reports From The Holocaust: The Making Of An Aids Activist — Larry Kramer; Cassell, 1995

Sex, Class And Culture — Lillian S Robinson; Other, 1986

Shit Parade — Jamie McMurry; Self-published, 2015

Small Acts Performance, The Millennium And The Making Of Time — Edited by Adrian Heathfield; Black Dog Publishing Ltd, 2003

The Artist’s Body — edited By Tracy War Survey by Amelia Jones; Phaidon Press, 2000

The Black Panthers — Stephen Shames; Aperture, 2006

The Empty Space — Peter Brook; Pelican Books, 1986

The History Of Sexuality Volume 1 — Michel Foucault; Penguin, 1990

The Naked Civil Servant — Quentin Crisp; Flamingo; 1996

The Shock Of The New Art And The Century — Robert Hughes; Thames and Hudson Ltd; 1991

Throwing The Body Into The fight: A Portrait of Raimund Hoghe Edited by Mary Kate Connolly; Intellect Books, 2013

Where Is Ana Mendieta?- Jane Blocker; Duke University Press, 1999

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