This fall, design students of Berghs School of Communication in Sweden compete in creating an innovative concept to support UNICEF’s fundraising. The competition is arranged by the school and UNICEF together with BillerudKorsnäs, a company providing renewable packaging material. The collaboration and competition, Pack Challenge 15, take place during September and October.

In Pack Challenge 15 the design students are facing a challenging task: To package an emotion that inspires more people to support UNICEF in its charity work around the world. The winning solution (including concept, name, packaging solution and design) will make UNICEF’s field products an attractive gift for every occasion.

By selling field products, such as necessaries for children in war zones, UNICEF aims to show how we all easily can contribute to saving a child’s life. In recognition for their contribution, donors receive a gift card.

The winning concept will be announced on October 29 here.