Compare Package Theft Prevention Tools

Help Us Stop Porch Pirates and Protect Your Packages

Our Mission: Putting a stop to package theft. We know personally how devastating it can be to have a package stolen. The table below ranks the different types of package theft solutions, devices and prevention methods that are currently available on the market. We rated each device or service on its cost, convenience and overall level of secureness. Devices that scored highest on security, generally scored lowest on convenience. And vice versa.

If we have missed a package theft prevention or solution below that you think is an option to help stop package theft please let us know. We have also left out a few of the obvious ones like large dogs leashed to your front porch or hired security personnel sitting in front of your house, although these would be great deterrents, it is not possible for most of the US population.

Here is the link to the top Theft Prevention Tools.

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