The art and science of digital architecture

“The art and science of digital architecture” … what in the hell does that mean I hear my friends and colleagues ask, throwing their eyes to heaven. Paddy off on one of his “BIG IDEAS” again!

Well to find out the answer the Iasa Ireland team are inviting you all to a wee conference we are organizing in Dublin in July. Thursday July 7th to be exact.

We have managed to convince a group of disruptive thinkers to come and tell us what they think digital architecture is all about and whether it is art or science … or both?? I’ll say one thing — it won’t be boring.

All speakers have been given clear instructions that we want to hear their most radical ideas and to make sure all attendees leave with some practical experiments they can apply when they return to the real world.

Topping the bill is John A. Zachman, considered by many as the “father of enterprise architecture”. The Zachman Framework is one of the foundation blocks of enterprise architecture and we’re delighted to have John speak in Dublin for the first time.

At the more disruptive end of enterprise architecture thinking we also have Tom Graves. Tom is happily disrupting the practice of IT architecture and won’t rest until he has got us all to see the light! Hold on to your hats — he’s tackling some big ticket questions. His “Whole of Enterprise Architecture” standard may not yet be widely recognized but his ideas are revolutionary … IMHO.

We also have a great line up of local speakers. Barry Lowry, the new Government CIO will explain how he plans to bring the digital revolution to the civil service.

Also on the podium will be:

  • Aisling Cunningham — Ervia CIO
  • Alan Molloy, Enterprise Architect, AIB
  • Kevin Breen, Mobile Platform Global Service Owner, Intel
  • Gemma Garvan, Director for Access to Information, HSE
  • Paddy Benson, Groupon CTO

Plus 1or 2 more … I may even speak myself!

They have all promised to share their must disruptive ideas on the day.

It’s going to be a great (and we hope fun!) event. So get it into your calendar now, Thursday July 7th at the offices of the ICS, Ballsbridge, Dublin, ask the boss for the day off (and to pay for it) and we’ll see you there.

Keep tuned for updates. We’ll be sharing more on the agenda and other add-ons we have in the works soon.