Love Them. With all your heart.

When she walked into my house for the first time, she was too inquisitive about the place. She looked us like strangers with a distant connection. At that time, she would have never known that this would be her new home.

That feeling of being adopted by another family clouded in her eyes when she, with her bag, was left at my place. Her bag was empty except for her food bowl(she eats only in that) and a piece of cloth she had from her birth.

On the other side, everyone in my family was super excited on her arrival.

I was a little scared for the first time, to touch her because she belonged to a breed I’ve always feared.

Sorry, I haven’t introduced her yet. She’s Rosy, my pup, a German Shepherd.

Both of us then adjusted to the fact that we are going to live in the same house. We then started becoming friends. Yes, she has always been my close friend, mainly because of the reason that she wouldn’t tell my secrets to anybody else.

We got closer as each day advanced. I can never forget her funny expressions, her tongue poking out while sleeping. She had always been a good pup, disciplined and taught not to hurt anybody unless required.

I always thought her as a fun buddy, never realised the power of her emotions until my grandmother passed away. She fought a lot to save my grandma from her death. As she failed, she ran out of the house, hid herself under a thorny bush in vain and shame, then came back when we found her crying alone. I couldn’t stop loving her more then.

Dogs have powerful emotions like humans. They will bring you happiness and peace when you come home with a head full of stress. There, indeed, is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. They are true companions who will fight for their masters for the little love we show them. So love Puppies, with all your heart.