5 Tips For Navigating NYC’s Winter Rental Market

You may find yourself occasionally adrift in thought, imagining what it would be like to exist on a winter lease cycle like your friend. The idea of spending less for more space, and having extra cash for new pursuits isn’t bad either. We as New Yorkers have all heard the legend of the winter lease and the wonders it beholds. So, let’s take a moment to analyze the realities of the winter market and confirm or dispel its actual offerings.

Traditionally, winter is the best time to unearth hidden gems at incredible…

A Cautionary Tale of Subletting in NYC

So, your company just gave you the promotion you’ve been fighting for, but it’s on the west coast and you have 7 months remaining on your lease. Or maybe you’re heading for NYC and contemplating a short-term rental before you settle into a long-term lease.

These are common scenarios in NYC and too often the prescribed solution is to sublet.

A Sublet is the leasing of a property by a tenant to a subtenant.

On the surface subleasing seems relatively simple. You find a place or someone to rent your place, establish the…

Find your next home.

Introducing Padspin

The beauty of change is that it often grows out of necessity. Sure, sometimes it’s undesired and, maybe, it does more harm than good. But, when a system is so clearly obsolete, and exploits the very people who use it, change becomes essential.

We’ve been around for far too long, and technology has come too far for there not to be a choice in matters regarding life’s necessities. New York City’s rental housing market grows ever more bloated off the backs of those hungry to move in and around its storied streets. Finding your new home, no matter…


Discover your next home in New York City from other renters just like you. No Broker Fee!

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