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Introducing Padspin

The beauty of change is that it often grows out of necessity. Sure, sometimes it’s undesired and, maybe, it does more harm than good. But, when a system is so clearly obsolete, and exploits the very people who use it, change becomes essential.

We’ve been around for far too long, and technology has come too far for there not to be a choice in matters regarding life’s necessities. New York City’s rental housing market grows ever more bloated off the backs of those hungry to move in and around its storied streets. Finding your new home, no matter how temporary or permanent, should always be as easy as possible. Gone are the days when apartment hunting in the Big Apple was as promising as a mole searching for the sun.

We no longer live in a blind world — the Internet allows us the opportunity to illuminate every last corner of darkness. Of course, there are still many avenues left unexplored, however, if we pool our knowledge together we can swiftly chart every unmarked star.

We’ll know what’s soon-to-be available.

We’ll know every last detail regarding living space and environment.

We’ll know our homes inside-and-out before we’ve even lived inside them!

How wonderful would that be?

No more surprise roars from heating pipes once the heat coughs on.

No more paper-thin windows when old man winter rears his frigid face.

And when we’re promised rooftop access, we will no longer be bait-and-switched with an endless process of “temporary” construction.

If we come together as a community of renters we will wield true power and foster in a new age of accountability and transparency.

If we share what we know, from what we’ve endured to what we’ve truly cherished… we’ll all be the better for it.

The shower’s questionable drainage — the barking dog in the apartment above — the phenomenally convenient all-night bodega across the street…

Once we map all of this information we’ll be able to know exactly the sort of life we’ll have on our next move. We do not pay steep rent to live as rats confined to cages. We pay to live in warm, safe homes nestled in the world’s greatest city. Sinatra wasn’t talking about New York City’s housing market when he once sang, “if I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

The true challenge of living in NYC should be maintaining a lucrative career — not searching for an affordable, pleasant place to live. We’re renters just like you, and we built Padspin because we’re tired of all the nonsense too. And we firmly believe that home should always be easy to find.

Join Padspin today! Help us change New York City’s rental housing market.

It is no longer just a necessity. It’s inevitable.

Padspin is a tech start-up dedicated to ending outrageous broker fees.
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