There are a lot of preconceived notions about SMEs in India. Due to these negativities, people try to conclude that it is very difficult to build a digital product for them. During our stint at building PagarBook, we discovered that most of these notions are not true. Based on our interactions with several hundred SME owners via phone, Whatsapp and direct interactions, we found that these myths have been created due to the lack of understanding of the SMEs and the ecosystem they operate in. …

(Staff salary book of one of our early adopters)

Before going in detail we would love to explain what we are trying to build? PagarBook essentially is a mobile App where a Business Owner (Staff size ranging from 5–30) can manage Salary, Attendance and Advance Payment of all his staff in a very hassle free manner. We are totally focused on unorganized sector. Using PagarBook, a business owner can easily manage Monthly wage worker, Daily wage worker, Hourly wage workers and Work basis staff in PagarBook App.

Why we thought to solve for this space?

Here are few Top Level data points:

  1. Total No of SMEs in India: 60 Million
  2. Total no of employees working in unorganized…

According to government data, the unemployment rate in India reached a 45-year high of 6.1 percent in 2018–19. Amid all this chaos, the MSME sector has proved to be the winner. Despite suffering from problems related to cash crunch due to policies such as demonetization and GST, it has performed better than all other sectors. The Confederation of Indian Industry survey of over one lakh small and medium enterprises has shown a 13.9% increase in net jobs created in the MSME sector in the last four years or 3.3% per annum.

Some estimates from CII and KPMG shows that the…


Workforce Management on your fingertips

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