Who Are YOU?

Do you ever ask yourself “Who am I?”. Not to be confused with WHAT you are such as your name, where you come from, who your family is or where you live. When we are asking ourselves who we are, the answer normally requires some sort of deep soul-searching quest than can take time to answer. Unless you are one of the lucky few who discovered who you are early on, below is a list to consider when discovering YOU!

  • How do others see you?
  • What are you known for to those close to you?
  • What is/are your passion(s)?
  • What sparks your interests?
  • How do you spend your free time?
  • What inspires you?

Branding is KEY

Best way to find out who we are is by looking into how we naturally Brand ourselves. If you are into fitness you may discover who you are by branding yourself as an inspiration to those looking to make a healthy change in their lives. If you love creating beautiful art then you brand yourself as being an artists. Are you an animal lover? Do you feel more connected to animals than people? People who brand themselves as veterinarians or animal rescues most likely answered yes to those questions. Or maybe you just enjoy connecting with yourself. Whether it may be through yoga, music or traveling the world, sometimes we brands ourselves as discovering our inner peace.

Cozumel, Mexico. Most people discover who they are by traveling to foreign places.

So now I know my personal Brand… What’s next?

Once you discovered that “thing” that makes you YOU, now it is time to act on it! Let us try an exercise to mentally prepare you for your next step.

Remember the days when you were a kid and you could pretend to be anything you wanted to be and it felt real? Well that is exactly what we are about to do now! I want you to close your eyes (but first read the rest of the directions!). Once your eyes are closed image yourself as the person you want YOU to be. If you learned earlier by answering the above questions that you enjoy traveling then imagine yourself visiting all kinds of far, exotic countries. Or maybe you are a singer and see yourself on stage singing to a large crowed and everyone is in awe by your voice. Regardless of your current circumstances I want you to visualize yourself doing whatever it is that answers who you are.

Making who you are into a reality

Your peers already knew you as this one “thing”, you NOW know yourself as this one “thing”, where do you go from here? Easy, only YOU can answer that. All humans are born with an innate attraction to our desires. By listening to our inner self, our soul, we will be guided to do things we need to do to accomplish who we are. As a traveler you may want to book trips and become a professional blogger or photographer. As a cosmetic artist you can run your own YouTube channel and give beauty tips. Even though this is a cartoon, one of the best examples of finding out who we are is Disney’s Moana. A girl who is torn between what she is (daughter of the village chief) and WHO she is (a voyager who loves the sea).

Bring your Brand to the Social World

You have discovered who you are and you have taken the next steps to make your brand into a reality. Now you need to brand yourself on social media! Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social platforms you may use are all coherent to each other. Engage with others who share your brand to get your name out there. How is the public suppose to know who you are when you cannot be discovered? How can you appear qualified when there is no connection to you and your brand? We live in a time where when we meet anyone we have already been researched. Find out what information comes up when you google yourself and see if you are satisfied or if you need to make some adjustments. Upload videos, submit blogs and comment thoughtful thoughts. You never know who may discover YOU.