This is Abbas Khan. He was my senior at university and was from Swat. He belonged to a. local influential political family. His uncle was MPA belonging to ANP. One night Taliban attacked their home with their full force. They had some weapons and ammunition at home as people in our area keep weapons with themselves and as they were under threat so they had sufficient firepower to withstand an assault for few hours. He, his younger brother, his father along with four of his cousins and few other people (I don’t remember the exact details about the other people as it happened in 2008–09) fought bravely for few hours. The local army check point was just a 10 minutes drive from their home but no help came from any security agency to rescue them. They ran out of fire and Taliban entered their home. People say that when Taliban entered the home, Abbas was seriously wounded but alive. His sisters and mother pleaded to Taliban to not kill him but they made him to stand on his feet and emptied a full magazine into his chest all before his sisters and mother seeing and pleading and crying. His brother was a fourth year medical student at Saidu Medical College and he was a Computer Systems Engineer.

Whenever I think of Abbas, I remember a smiling face. He had a particular smile actually. His mouth would open wide for a moment but then all of a sudden it will convulse to the left side. His eyes would light up when he would meet any acquaintance. You see, when we talk of terrorism we know intimately how horrible it is. When we talk of victims of terrorism, the usual 80,000 number, we can see many many beautiful humans in that 80,000. As beautiful humans as Abbas Khan.

Hurmat Ali shah

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