Yesterday a Pakistani envoy for United Nation Maleeha Lodhi said in UNSC debate that Taliban” safe havens” are inside Afghanistan, not outside, given the large areas they control there-7.

While we have been reported with video evidence from Lower and uper Dir that the ban terrorist organization such as JEM,TTP,LEJ are actively raising funds,Running training camps recruiting children for so called Jihad in Afghanistan.

Every week the people of Dir receiving coffins of their children whom often killing during fighting against Afghan security forces.

Two years ago Pakistani backed JEM,LEJ was running camps inside Afghanistan but now they have been moved their camps to District Dir Because the Afghan Army obliterated their safe sanctuaries.

And these terrorists causing the death of 100k both side pashtuns and Pakistan happy with that because they want to neutralise Pashtuns Nationalism,Unity through their mercenaries.

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