4 Reasons Why Charity for Latinas Is A Bad Idea
Deldelp Medina

When I consider a business investment I think about the cost of capital, i.e., where else would I put my money? These days, it certainly does not make sense to save it in a deposit account that may barely cover inflation. Instead it makes absolute economic sense to invest because the Fed has created an environment that encourages me to with low interest rates. So, in what should I invest?? There are an unlimited number of choices, which I personally find overwhelming. It is like going to a restaurant and getting a menu that is 3 pages too long….please just give me the special of the day, dressing on the side, tequila on the rocks (100% agave) and we are good to go.

Back to business investing:

Del, you have crafted a very compelling case for investing in women and Latinas (I dig it!) So which investment approach should I take, passive or active? My corporate world training says go “passive”, meaning invest in every single woman owned business. Since I can’t do that just yet, I must take an active approach and partner with those who want to GO Big in business. My upside is that I can and will do what I love, that is actively help business owners scale and grow all the way to CHA-ching. Claro que si Del I accept your challenge. I pledge to raise a fund that invests in you and me and others like us. Stay Tuned…Happy 4th #goodpropina