We’ve still not unleashed the true power of (digital) collaboration

credit Rafaël Rozendaal

There’s a fantastic source of content that has the power to create unique interactions between people.

It is something we all do, everyday.

Regardless who we are, big, small, businesses or individuals we all search for information.

When we search we create creative queries to find something new.

Searches alone are worthless, but when put into a contexts they become incredibly powerful.

What’s more inspiring?

What Elon Musk is currently searching for to come up with the best solution how to get us to Mars.

Or an extract of what he currently thinks is the solution.

Imagine what would happen if humanity began to share what we search for when looking for answers to problems we’re facing.

It’s not the aggregated, targeted, curated, recommended answers we find, but rather the creative questions we create, that have the power to inspire and unleash new solutions.

I believe the time has come to unleash the true power of digital collaboration.

The time has come to begin sharing what we search for and share it with others through the contexts and problems we’re facing.


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